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Time Zones Abbreviations Of Military

Time Zone names with their abbreviations, UTC Offset and its location for Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time (DST) across the world.
AbbreviationsTime Zone NameUTC OffsetContinent/Region
AAlfa Time Zone+01:00Military
BBravo Time Zone+02:00Military
CCharlie Time Zone+03:00Military
DDelta Time Zone+04:00Military
EEcho Time Zone+05:00Military
FFoxtrot Time Zone+06:00Military
GGolf Time Zone+07:00Military
HHotel Time Zone+08:00Military
IIndia Time Zone+09:00Military
KKilo Time Zone+10:00Military
LLima Time Zone+11:00Military
MMike Time Zone+12:00Military
NNovember Time Zone-01:00Military
OOscar Time Zone-02:00Military
PPapa Time Zone-03:00Military
QQuebec Time Zone-04:00Military
RRomeo Time Zone-05:00Military
SSierra Time Zone-06:00Military
TTango Time Zone-07:00Military
UUniform Time Zone-08:00Military
VVictor Time Zone-09:00Military
WWhiskey Time Zone-10:00Military
XX-ray Time Zone-11:00Military
YYankee Time Zone-12:00Military
ZZulu Time Zone+00:00Military
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